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Kuramoto Bijin / Sotoike Sake Brewery
Founded in 1937 in Mashiko Town, Tochigi Prefecture, it is a sake brewery that ranked 8th in the 2023 World Sake Brewery Ranking. Just like sake brewing, we make cosmetics products with particular attention to raw materials and usability.
Roots, leaves, stems, flowers, and fruits. An organic skincare brand that contains the power of whole plants
Daily Aroma Japan
People, communities, and lifestyles connected by scent. Through the power of plants in essential oils, we enrich every day.
Utilizing crops such as thinning and plucking, which have no use until now, and substandard products that are difficult to put on distribution, All of the bottled and canned food that can be "made" only by chef is made by hand
Born from a German herbal pharmacy. We manufacture and sell herbal items that support health and beauty in line with lifestyles.
Looks Like Avido
A brand from the Kibera slum, which is said to be the largest in Africa Founded by the designer who worked on Bruno Mars costumes Since it is purchased directly from the slums, product sales lead to economic support for the slums.
Forest Soap
From Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, we deliver items handmade by craftsmen that make "washing" fun.
Tailor Jingoro
It is a "kimono that can be worn in 29 seconds" patented in Japan and the United States. It is a kimono that anyone can easily wear by themselves, wash in the washing machine at home without falling apart, and has "evolved" according to the modern era.
Mayumasa was born with the concept of "unique fashion and love". A brand that brings you closer to your loved ones.
It is a domestic, quasi-drug oral care & soap brand with 100% natural ingredients using tourmaline stones, salt, and herbs.

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